ADHD as Told to Children

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Leo is nine years old when he’s diagnosed with ADHD. « I have WHAT? » he asks himself, somewhat confused. How to answer that question?

There’s nothing better than an illustrated story to explain to children the different aspects of ADHD.
Does your child behave like a werecat? Or perhaps more like a little turtle? Or maybe your child buzzes around like a hyper-energized bee? Explore this aspect together in the « self-observation » section of this colourful and pleasing little book.

To help overcome the difficulties associated with ADHD, the book gives tricks that are applicable to daily life: staying focused, becoming organized, planning, calming yourself, and mastering your emotions.
This book is essential for parents and childcare professionals who wish to broach this condition with children, providing a simple and illustrated method.

Nombre de pages :56
AUTEUR(s) : Ariane Hébert
ISBN : N / A
Date de publication :11/12/2019
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